French startups

An opportunity to reach out to Ireland, a highly developed knowledge economy, focused on services in high-tech, life sciences and financial services.

Benefit from an extensive knowledge of the Irish environment

Ireland is ranked as the third most attractive country in Europe to create and give life to startups. Ireland is considered as the most popular choice among creative and determined foreign entrepreneurs for multiple reasons: first, Ireland is known for its excellent environment and for actively supporting the growth of startups, especially in the Tech industry. And secondly, thanks to its promising business climate; Irish companies benefit from a low corporate tax rate of 12.5%, a highly-educated workforce thanks to its strong university system, and the highest GDP rate in Europe.

Take advantage of the dynamism and richness of the Irish ecosystem

As of 2023, Ireland’s economy is continuing to show strong growth and resilience, despite the ongoing global economic uncertainties. The country’s unemployment rate has been steadily declining and is currently at its lowest level in over a decade, at around 4%.¬†The tech industry has played a significant role in Ireland’s economic growth in recent years and continues to be a major employer in the country.

Dublin, in particular, has established itself as a thriving tech hub, with many multinational tech companies choosing to locate their European headquarters in the city. Overall, the outlook for Ireland’s economy and employment in the tech industry remains positive, with the country continuing to attract investment and create job opportunities in the Tech sector.