10th Anniversary Event

09/03/2023, Bourbon bar, The Odeon, Harcourt st, D2

10th Anniversary Event


La French Tech has celebrated its 10 years this Friday 9th of March 2023. It has become the backbone of the French technology scene, and supported small companies to become major international players.

During the night, we went through the La French Tech Dublin’s history. It was a pleasure for us to take a look backward to see how much we achieved during these past 10 years and what we can expect for the future. Both French and Irish Tech ecosystems are very close to each other and complementary, which leave us to believe we can hope for the best in a near futur. With experience, boldness and creativity, La French Tech Dublin will continue to grown and attract talents from all around the world.



We want to thank all the people who came to celebrate this event with us and all the people who follow us. Thank you for your support, we are looking forward to seeing you at the next event!

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